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As the ninth daughter in the ninth generation of the Puffinstuff line, Princess Penny is a very special little girl. With a destiny to save her family that only an elaborate scheme of fake pirates and adventure can possibly achieve, Penny might discover more than just pirate treasure along the way.

Suitable for all ages.

Megan, a young dragon, accidentally stumbles upon an ancient curse which puts her friend Penny the pirate princess into a deep sleep.  Without Penny to guard the Kingdom of Pufftainia's waters, Megan knows the entire kingdom could fall. Can Megan wake her friend before Prince Tyco invades? And a bonus adventure - the continuing voyages of Captain Penny and the crew of the Renegade as they set sail in search of treasure, friendship, and destiny.

​Suitable for all ages.

Darkling Drake

I am an almost insufferable optimist, willing to give almost anything a try. I have worked as a pilot and owned a coffee and smoothie franchise, but it is my writing and voice-over projects which give me the greatest pleasure.

A voracious reader from an early age, I am a sucker for horror, science fiction, and fantasy, although I am always on the prowl for anything new and exciting.

​​and I’m an author, narrator, and literary barnstormer.

Tawn Krakowski 

Dragon Defender

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Toni Drake is a loner with a knack for blending in and being nearly invisible to others even when standing right next to them. She turned this natural ability to her advantage by becoming a professional thief, but those talents, and her recent dreams, might be a sign that there is more to Toni than she ever thought possible.

Recommended: Age 18+

Can you spot me in this WGN newscast spot about the Printer's Row Lit Fest? 

I LOVE TO EAT:Coffee Ice Cream
I HANG MY HAT: In Phoenix
I HAVE A DEGREE:B.S., Aviation Management
I LOVE TO QUOTE: Monty Python and the Holy Grail